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I am a professional Swiss army knife that loves to solve problems with efficient playfulness.


Currently, I am the Digital Project Manager for AIM & Associés face-to-face, digital and online learning solutions. My work is to make the digital experience more human and more embodied.


As a facilitator, I work on all preverbal content, the movements within our body. As a speech scientist, I work on all verbal and musical content. My passion is to bring both together and answer learning & development needs.



  • Digital Learning Manager
  • R&D Strategist
  • Trainer
  • Coach
  • Facilitator


  • French MT
  • English C2
  • Hebrew C1
  • Spanish B2
  • Dutch A2
  • Arabic A2

Additional qualifications

  • EUSA Accreditation (European School of Administration)
  • Website Management - Digital Learning Coordination - Ebook management
  • Certificate of Embodied Facilitator Course (EFC2020)
  • PhD in Speech Sciences (Linguistics, speech processing, ease and disfluencies, prosody)
  • MA in Linguistic Research (radio speech, humorist speech, prosody)
  • BA in Sciences of Language (semiotics, accents, prosody)
  • GraphicCommunication - Visual Semiotics
  • Partner Acrobatics, Iyengar yoga, Bike, Mindful Movement, Contact Improv, Boardgames

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