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Active Listening

Training Course

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Acquired skills

What skills the participant will get?

  • Understand dynamics of team communication and root causes of misunderstandings
  • Explore micro-aggression and non verbal language
  • Practice constructive feedback at work
  • Solve specific communication issues through practical exercises

Every training has a ready made canvas and may be tailor made according to your needs.

  • All staff

  • Managers

  • 1 Day

  • Face-to-face

  • Training

  • Handbook


This learning solution is compliant with the following frameworks

EPSO Competency
General Skills for all EU Staff

Context and content

The main support it brings, the issue it tackles.

“Listening Skills… Hear what People Are Really Saying”



We listen: to obtain information, to understand, for enjoyment, to learn…But most of us are not good at it! By becoming a better listener, one can improve his/her productivity, ability to influence, persuade and negotiate!


In this face-to-face training course, participant will explore many facets of active listening in order to understand dynamics of team communication and root causes of misunderstandings. They will explore micro-aggression and non verbal language, practise constructive feedback at work, and how solve specific communication issues through practical exercises.

Possible adaptations

Any tailor made request will be evaluated with you and our team.

additonal days

(1.5 h, 1/2 day, 1 day, 1.5 day or 3 days)

pre and post seminar activities

(ebook, coaching, handbook)

specific audience needs

(staff, managers, stagiaires, assistant, etc.)

Our Foundations

Every training can be delivered with combinations of these features:

English or French
Ready-made or Tailor-made
Face-to-face or Online
Inter institutional/company or Intra institutional/company
Public Administrations or Private Companies

Do you need more?

If speaking with one of us would help, don‘t hesitate.