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AIM & Associés adopts a systemic approach to team building, events, coaching, workshop. The team is a dynamic system (flux, tension, stakeholders). The system's internal and external interactions are at the heart of the mission.

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Designing tailor-made exercises & activities

Facilitating with theoretical and pragmatic insights

Implementing serious games & participative set-ups

Topic Variation

The range of topics we tackle is limitless.

Identify and reinforce the identity and values of a team.
Stimulate the creativity and innovation of the team by applying the Design Thinking process.
Facilitate reorganisation and changes of a team.
Celebrate success and build a culture of constructive feedback.
Take care of the members of a team, ensuring individual and collective wellbeing.
Increase the cohesion of a team by understanding the personalities and cultures of the members.
Make a team more effective and efficient by agreeing on personal efficiency practises.
Build the vision and future of a team.

The team event process

While the topics are limitless, the team building process will always include the following steps.


Our Foundations

AIM Team Events are built on strong foundations.

Systemic Approach

Our approach views the team as a dynamic system, complete with its own flows, tensions, alliances, and interactions both within and beyond its borders. This complex system is the focal point of our work.


Leadership Engagement

Team leaders act as the catalyst for the team event, pinpointing the need and initiating the process. Their involvement and endorsement are critical, playing a pivotal role in the event’s success and the subsequent application of its outcomes.


Dynamic Learning

The unfolding dynamics, from the preparatory phase to the event itself, are invaluable for team learning. Our facilitators excel in deciphering these experiences, turning them into actionable insights for both team leaders and members. 


In-depth Needs Analysis

We engage deeply with the Team Leader’s insights and needs, incorporating perspectives from across the team spectrum through interviews or questionnaires. Our commitment is to design a solution that precisely matches the team’s unique context, steering clear of one-size-fits-all activities. 


Multimodal Integration

Learning transcends mere cognitive understanding. Through diverse activities—exercises, games, experiential, and shared experiences—we foster team evolution in a holistic manner. 


Blend of Work and Enjoyment

Our team events marry improvement in team cohesion with enjoyment, far removed from the conventional workspace. This blend ensures that learning is not only impactful but also memorable. 


Inclusive Participation

Every team member holds a crucial voice. Embracing this diversity, we aim to listen and integrate these varied perspectives for the team’s collective growth. 


Sustained Support and Application

While significant progress can be made in just a half or full day, lasting impact requires diligent follow-up. We stand by Team Leaders with ongoing dialogue and, if necessary, detailed reports to ensure that the event’s benefits are fully realized and integrated into the team’s fabric.


AIM also delivers a 2-day training course known as Working in Teams, for any private companies or public institutions. This session can be followed by a coaching or consultancy work if requested by the client.

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