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AIM & Associés adopts a systemic approach to team building, events, coaching, workshop. The team is a dynamic system (flux, tension, stakeholders). The system's internal and external interactions are at the heart of the mission.

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Designing tailor-made exercises & activities

Facilitating with theoretical and pragmatic insights

Implementing serious games & participative set-ups

Topic Variation

The range of topics we tackle is limitless.

Identify and reinforce the identity and values of a team.
Stimulate the creativity and innovation of the team by applying the Design Thinking process.
Facilitate reorganisation and changes of a team.
Celebrate success and build a culture of constructive feedback.
Take care of the members of a team, ensuring individual and collective wellbeing.
Increase the cohesion of a team by understanding the personalities and cultures of the members.
Make a team more effective and efficient by agreeing on personal efficiency practises.
Build the vision and future of a team.

The team event process

While the topics are limitless, the team building process will always include the following steps.


Our Foundations

AIM Team Events are built on strong foundations.

Our approach is systemic.

The team is a system with its dynamics, flows, tensions, alliances, contours, internal and external interactions. It is this system that is at the heart of the work.


The team leader(s) is/are strongly involved.

The team system evolves thanks to this work. It is important that the team manager participates in this evolution, i.e. that he/she follows the developments.


Everything that happens is good.

The result of the team building is constantly being built up during the intervention. There is no other result that should have been achieved than the one that is.


Integrate learning through multimodal stimulation.

We do not learn only through the mind. Experiencing things, practising exercises, playing together, living moments allows teams to evolve and move forward. Our approach is pluralistic.


Combining work and pleasure.

Team event is an opportunity to improve team cohesion on specific themes, outside the usual working environment. Taking distance is necessarily followed by the integration of learning into the team’s reality. It means learning while having fun.


Everyone’s contribution and presence is important.

We encourage the participation of each team member regardless of rank, contract or hierarchical level.


Every team event request is subject to a needs analysis.

A team action must be tailor-made. The content of the program could consist of standard exercises or known theories and methodologies. The engineering will nevertheless remain highly linked to the objectives defined by the client(s). We do not work with standard team building.


AIM also delivers a 2-day training course known as Working in Teams, for any private companies or public institutions.


This session can be followed by a coaching or consultancy work if requested by the client.


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