Compassionate Communication

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Acquired skills

What skills the participant will get?

  • Understand whatever anyone says to you (from screams to silence) …
  • Express views clearly, honestly and caringly
  • Stimulate a party’s empathic interest in order to pre-empt aggressiveness and violence, …
  • Make a clear, concrete request in the present moment, using positive action language


  • All staff

  • 1 Day

Delivery methods
  • In-person Training

  • Handbook

  • Learning by doing

  • Presentation

  • Role Play

  • Self-reflection

  • Study Cases

  • Serious Game

  • Theory

Possible adaptations

Any tailor made request will be evaluated with you and our team.

additonal days

(1.5 h, 1/2 day, 1 day, 1.5 day or 3 days)

pre and post seminar activities

(ebook, coaching, handbook)

specific audience needs

(staff, managers, stagiaires, assistant, etc.)

Our Foundations

Every training can be delivered with combinations of these features.

English or French
Adaptated design or Fully tailor-made
In-person or Online
A team or An organisation
Public organisations or Private companies


This learning solution is compliant with the following frameworks

EPSO Competency

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