Customer & Client Care: How To Do It Better

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Acquired skills

What skills the participant will get?

  • Identify internal challenges related to customer & client care
  • Develop a set of skills and attitudes that will enhance the relationship with customers & clients
  • Discover and meet the customer’s needs by adapting to the various channels of communication (what pleases them and what irritates them)


  • All staff

  • Delegations

  • 1 Day

Delivery methods
  • In-person Training

  • Role Play

  • Group Dialogue

  • Embodiment

  • Learning by doing

  • Self-reflection

  • Theory

Context and content

The main support it brings, the issue it tackles.

This in-person training course explores what makes a customer or client interaction positive or negative, and provides participants with a step-by-step model to guide them towards more enriching, constructive customer relationships.


During the day, participants will take the time to define and understand their different customers’ needs and expectations; build a collective understanding of what outstanding client interactions look like in their professional context; and through the use of role plays, observe and apply the DELIGHT model of interaction.

Possible adaptations

Any tailor made request will be evaluated with you and our team.

Our Foundations

Every training can be delivered with combinations of these features.

English or French
Adaptated design or Fully tailor-made
In-person or Online
A team or An organisation
Public organisations or Private companies


This learning solution is compliant with the following frameworks

EPSO Competency
Skills of the future

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