Leading Human Transition

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In the series of “AIM to Be in Conversation” provided by AIM Learning Solutions, you joined us in the live Webinar for a thought-provoking conversation to learn on the topic “From Change Management to Leading Human Transition”.



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✍️ Is it for you?

• ❓ Are you facing challenges with change and transition in your team or organisation?

•❓Are you going through a personal transition yourself?

•❓…or perhaps witnessing and supporting change in others?


Then watch this webinar to discover how to shift from managing change to leading people in their journey of transition !


In this 1½ hour conversation, we explore:

✅ Understanding the meaning of change and transition in organisational development and transformation

✅ The importance of recognising human behaviors during transitions

✅ Growing an organisational support system for diversity & inclusion

✅ Creating psychological safety at work during times of changes

A continuous open Q&A give you opportunities to get insights from our expert panel on key matter of your heart.


Speakers & Facilitators

Our panel of experts brings together three realms of transition: HR, L&D, and Digital Learning, to delve into the best practices for supporting individuals and organizations through periods of change.

  • Jasmina Lukacevic – General Manager at SD Worx Adriatic
  • Jan Hein Nielsen – Managing Director at AIM Learning Solutions
  • Iulia Grosman – Digital Learning Manager, at AIM Learning Solutions🔖 #transitions and #ContinuousLearning


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