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Would you like to acquire the skills and knowledge to design and deliver training in international environments?

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November 30, 2023
December 12-13, 2023
January 22-26, 2024
Online & in the heart of Brussels

Why might you want to Learn How To Train?


  • Access new career possibilities and paths in the field of learning and development.
  • Accelerate your professional growth and increase your earning potential by expanding your skill set through the development of new adult development competencies.
  • Transmit your valuable knowledge and know-how more effectively.

Are you ready to dive into the world of adult learning?


Learn How To Train is a Professional Development Programme designed to allow you to:

  • Learn the basics as well as some of the finer points of designing and delivering training
  • Receive expert feedback and guidance from experts that observe you practice
  • Grow in skill and confidence – as you leverage your strengths and address challenges
  • Receive support to integrate your new training competencies into your work

Designing and delivering memorable training in international settings is our main activity and passion. We are offering this programme to share the essence – the core – of our accumulated knowledge and know-how with you.😊


Sabine Finzi, AIM trainer, Coach and L&D Director

Who is it for?


You might be a coach, consultant, or teacher/professor looking to expand your skillset and become a more effective trainer.


Perhaps you’ve delivered some training, and now seek a comprehensive program to develop your training abilities and boost your confidence.


 Whether self-employed or part of an organisation, you are being called to develop your ability to help others learn and/or share what you know.



…And you believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right, and so you want to learn from expert practitioners!

You would like to…


  • Apply training methods to effectively share your existing knowledge with others.
  • Understand adult learning principles and know how to apply them to a training setting.
  • Develop effective communication and facilitation skills.
  • Overcome your fear of public speaking and find authentic confidence in front of groups.
  • Create engaging and interactive learning experiences.
  • Deliver clear and concise training content.
  • Assess trainee performance and provide constructive feedback.

What will the programme cover?

  • Grasp the Fundamentals of Training and Instructional Design

  • Cultivate strong Client Relationships to achieve effective Design Outcomes interviews

  • Create a Safe and Supportive Learning Environment for your trainees

  • Unleash Your Inner Creativity to design engaging and effective training programs

  • Master the 11 Rules of Effective Pedagogy to optimize learning outcomes

  • Confidently Handle Challenging Situations during training sessions

  • Develop your Charismatic Training Style to capture your Audience’s Attention

  • Master the Art of Verbal, Visual, and Vocal Communication to enhance your training delivery

  • Learn best practices for Preparing, Conducting, and Evaluating training sessions, from start to finish


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Join us on a unique Learning Journey


Take part in a 3-month learning journey designed and led by AIM’s most experienced trainers. At AIM, we believe training should be fun and personally involving – for both trainers and participants.


Through a carefully balanced mix of theory and practise, observation and reflection, you will learn our best practices while developing yours.

The five day of face-to face training in Brussels and 2.5 days of online training will allow you to cover and experience the core topics. Ongoing individual exercises and peer group practice, complemented by shadowing and mentoring opportunities round out the learning journey.


This carefully considered mix of methods results in learning that is anchored in and adapted to your capacities, needs and interests.

Learning Journey Timeline 


  • 1h Sept.-Oct. 2023

    Applications & Interviews

  • 1/2 day 30 Nov. 2023 (09:00-12:30)


  • 2 days 12-13 Dec. 2023

    Module 1

  • 5 days 22-26 Jan. 2024

    Module 2
    In person

+ Peer Group Work     + Shadowing     

+ Mentoring Scheme + E-Learning Module


Online Modules are held on Zoom
In Person Modules are held in the heart of Brussels

What makes this programme different?

  • Based on a robust empowering approach to knowledge and learning that builds on your gifts.
  • Emphasis on practical application, practice & feedback

  • Expert trainers able to use every training room moment as a teaching moment

  • Approach to design & delivery that values and leverages cultural and other forms of diversity.
  • Fun, humour and serious play included as key ingredients of learning
  • Art, media and whole-person (mind, heart, body) involvment for enhanced experiential learning
  • Supportive of personal growth in key areas such as emotional intelligence and limiting beliefs.


Early Bird



First 5 seats
Apply before Oct. 1




For individuals




Come as a group of min. 2 you get more 15% off


Specify it when you apply, describe your situation and let us know what you may afford.


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Clients we work with


AIM allowed me to refine my skills as a designer and facilitator through a balance of autonomy and guidance from experienced mentors.. “

Bart Adins, Prevention Expert & Corporate Trainer

AIM’s approach to facilitation and coaching is truly exceptional, encompassing a variety of essential tools and skills for trainers: systemic approaches, emotional awareness, and sound psychological analysis. I wholeheartedly recommend AIM to anyone interested in integrating expert approaches to individual and organisational development. Attending AIM trainings has enabled me to grow both personally and professionally”.

Iulia Grosman, AIM Digital Manager

The world of freelance training can be very competitive, and trainers can easily end up isolated and lonely. AIM’s expert trainers successfully created a collaborative learning climate and community in which I could openly exchange with and learn from my peers. For me, this culture of sharing makes AIM stand out just as much as the high quality of their materials, methods and designs.”

Katarzyna Reiter, Personal Leadership Trainer & Coach

Perhaps because of its origins as a supplier to the very multicultural EU institutions, AIM’s approach places great value on the identification and inclusion of diverse skills, experiences, and viewpoints. As a coach, this has always struck me as a winning recipe for helping people to be the best they can be.”

Karsten J. Kip, Communiction Trainer & Instructor

“Thanks to AIM, I’ve learnt a huge amount about analysing clients’ needs and constructing a solid learning path, as well as acquiring many new tools for training and facilitation. The AIM team offers a wonderful blend of professionalism and pedagogical expertise, combined with a strong sense of community, support and care for each other.”

Sarah Collings, Forró & Corporate Trainer


Apply now to take advantage of early-bird pricing!

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  • Who will be your trainers?


    Your training team is drawn from a multinational pool of very experienced trainers who deliver trainings for both the private sector and national, multinational and supra-national public administrations.

  • Can I pay in several instalments?


    Yes, you can pay in 3 instalments. Get in contact with us to set up your plan.

  • Are accomodation and food included in the price?


    The fees cover the full training path, including coffee breaks, training materials, access to digital resources, and the mentoring session. Accomodation , meals and travel are at your expense.

  • Will I become a certified trainer?


    You will obtain a certificate of completion if you meet our minimum attendance and participation requirements.