Creative Problem-Solving: Innovation is the only way

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Sarah De Greef presents a conference about combining innovation and creative problem-solving.

During this conference you will discover your where your problem-solving preferences lie and get introduced to a methodology that will help you to develop your creative thinking as well as to solve challenges in a more creative and structured way.


Let’s get inspired!


Who is Sarah?


Sarah De Greef is a dedicated, high-energy change leader with a passion for empowering individuals and organisations to develop a creative and entrepreneurial mindset. She does this through her work as a consultant and facilitator using the power of the Creative Problem Solving Process as a means for driving complex challenges to successful results and developing entrepreneurial skills.


During the four years she spent in the US, she experienced first-hand how creative thinking and entrepreneurial skills can make people see opportunities and take initiatives. She is now strongly motivated to foster this spirit in Europe.


Her background as a company lawyer, entrepreneur, and consultant serves to give her insight into a number of critical and complex business oriented challenges from the point of view of business clients. She is committed to help people and teams to develop their creative potential and help their organisations reach their goals, allowing them to adapt quickly, respond effectively and drive positive change and growth. More information about Bruno’s work can be found here.


Interested in your own conference?


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