From Trust to Mutual Transcendance

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Nicola Meeùs presents a conference about the importance of securing and maintaining mutual trust in human relationships.

Such an exchange will allow us to tackle certain questions such as what the different bonds of mutual trust that we can establish in our human relations are? What ingredients feed this? What are their beneficial effects on our human relations? What path should we follow in order to move towards mutual transcendence?


In this session we will try to answer these questions together in a benevolent  and constructive manner.



Who is Nicola?


Nicola Meeùs has long had a passion for  human adventures. Through experience he has been able to build a belief system around it in order to give life to his previous university education in law and management. He was a Belgian international rugby player between 2009 and 2017 and subsequently acted as an administrator for the federation. As a social entrepreneur he involves himself frequently with young people who have suffered a setback in order to help them get the best out of themselves. He has also learned to structure his thoughts more effectively, a skill that set him on the tracks towards publishing the book “In search of essence”.


All these adventures have shaped him as an individual and have given him the essential need to accompany and help others on a daily basis to reveal their human potential. More information about Nicola’s work can be found here.



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