Fake News, Rumours and Urban Legends: Why Are They So Successful?

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Aurore Van de Winkel presents a conference about how to deal with the spread of rumours, fake news, and misinformation in a time of constant communication.

Rumours, urban legends, hoaxes, fake news, conspiracy theories, and misinformation are only a fraction of the numerous terms that refer to questionable content, but do they all mean the same thing?


How are rumours and false news created? Why are they so successful? Why do we promote them and believe in them? How can we recognise, verify or deconstruct them? How can we warn those who wrongfully believe in their truthfulness and share them without double checking? These questions and more will be answered in this conference!



Who is Aurore?

Aurore Van de Winkel is a doctor in Information and Communication, Scientific Collaborator at the Catholic University of Louvain and a consultant. She has been working for about fifteen years on the subject of rumours. She has been passionate about stories since her childhood and worked on urban legends for her thesis. She thus became aware of the impact that false stories can have on our opinions and our behaviour.


With her knowledge of the mechanisms of rumours and her ability to make quick and relevant diagnoses on problematic situations, Aurore then decided to provide her advice to organisations and people affected by the noise they create. More information about Aurore’s work can be found here.



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