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Innovation – from Creativity to Reality

Training Course - Consultancy - Group Coaching

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Acquired skills

What skills the participant will get?

  • Solve problems and develop creative ideas through a structured guided session
  • Trust individual and team competences for innovation more, dare to challenge the status quo, and to practise audacity and courage
  • Understand the importance and the main dimensions of an innovative attitude and position themselves and their unit towards to them
  • Work with various innovation tools (aimed at questioning, developing inventiveness and curiosity, define and redefine innovation challenges, etc.)
  • Adopt a prototyping approach and an experimental mindset in situations in which it is appropriate
  • Engage more with stakeholders (including citizens) in order to understand and empathise with their needs and positions

Every training has a ready made canvas and may be tailor made according to your needs.

  • All staff

  • Managers

  • 2 Day

  • Coaching

  • Consulting

  • Face-to-face

  • Training


This learning solution is compliant with the following frameworks

EPSO Competency
Delivered at EUSA
Skills of the future
General Skills for all EU Staff

Context and content

The main support it brings, the issue it tackles.

“Innovation requires having plenty of time.”


This training tackles many pre-conceived ideas that you may have about the process of innovation. This training combines a Training Course, Group Coaching and Consulting process into a coherent whole.


Innovation – from Creativity to Reality is directed at any team that desires to work and improve a professional situation or a specific problem. Participants come with at least three other colleagues (with the support of their management) to work on one of these potential topics: procedures, working relations, influence and leadership, knowledge management, well-being, client service or contact with the citizen.


The Innovation skills training course develops empathy, courage, curiosity, creativity, and discipline. It works on how to manage constraints, overcoming a mindset directed towards failure and challenging the status quo.


In its standard format, this training course is followed by a one-hour group coaching session. AIM’s Coaching Offer helps you to bring out and develop your professional, relational, and personal potential. It encourages you to occupy your rightful place in relationships with yourself, others and your environment.

Possible adaptations

Any tailor made request will be evaluated with you and our team.

additional days

(1.5 h, 1/2 day, 1 day, 1.5 day or 2 days)

pre and post seminar activities

(ebook, coaching, handbook)

specific audience needs

(staff, managers, stagiaires, assistant, etc.)

Our Foundations

Every training can be delivered with combinations of these features:

English or French
Ready-made or Tailor-made
Face-to-face or Online
Inter institutional/company or Intra institutional/company
Public Administrations or Private Companies

Do you need more?

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