Training Course & Individual Coaching

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Acquired skills

What skills the participant will get?

  • Manage their emotions and reactions to change
  • Access their inner motivation to cope with change
  • Understand the difference between change and transition
  • Understand their resistance to change
  • Develop their strategies to handle change

Every training has a ready made canvas and may be tailor made according to your needs.

  • All staff

  • Managers

  • 1 Day

  • Coaching

  • Online

  • Training

  • Ebook


This learning solution is compliant with the following frameworks

EPSO Competency
Delivered at EUSA
Skills of the future

Context and content

The main support it brings, the issue it tackles.

Are you an empowered actor of a situation/challenge?


What is the difference between change and transition?


What makes us resistant to change?


How do you get the courage to change something?



In this face-to-face course, concrete tips and tricks for Facing Change are offered. The participants will look at the different types of change and how they usually manage their emotions and their reactions when facing change. Some models of change will be examined with respect to their particular challenges regarding change at the workplace.


They will learn access their inner motivation to cope with change and get opportunities to develop their strategies to handle change better. In addition, they will explore out-of-the-box questions to understand their perception of change and how they may resist change.


In its standard format, this training course is followed by a one-hour individual coaching session. AIM Coaching Offer helps to bring out and develop professional, relational and personal potential in one’s project realisation, and to occupy their rightful place in the relationship they have with oneself, others and the environment.


Possible adaptations

Any tailor made request will be evaluated with you and our team.

additonal days

(1.5 h, 1/2 day, 1.5 day or 2 days)

pre and post seminar activities

(ebook, additional coaching, handbook)

specific audience needs

(staff, managers, stagiaires, assistant, etc.)

Our Foundations

Every training can be delivered with combinations of these features:

English or French
Ready-made or Tailor-made
Face-to-face or Online
Inter institutional/company or Intra institutional/company
Public Administrations or Private Companies

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